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Welcome to Wimborne Turf's Advice Page! Here, you'll find expert tips, tricks, and insights to help you make the most of your turf and landscaping projects. Let's grow together!

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  • Preparation Is Key
    Ground preparation is vital for the future of your lawn, as inadequately prepared and under-fertilised ground will never give you satisfactory results. The soil needs to be turned over to a depth of 15cm or 4”. This can be done just by digging or by using a rotovator, making sure the area is free of any debris, stones or strong weeds. A pre-turfing fertiliser should then be used and raked into the soil. To get the best results you must follow the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Raking
    The ground should be raked over to produce a smooth surface, and then can be lightly rolled or firmed by foot, to highlight any soft areas. A wide rake makes the levelling easier – a process which may be repeated until the ground is evenly firm and smooth, although not compact. Now your lawn is ready to turf.
  • Laying Your New Lawn
    Firstly, lay a whole roll around the edge of your lawn. Try to lay the turf in long lines with staggered joints (like brickwork) making sure they are laid tightly together. Once a line of turf is laid – place planks on the top of the turf and proceed to work from these. This keeps an even compression and ensures no harm to your grass. When you have finished, water your new lawn thoroughly. Keep yourselves and pets off the lawn until mowed, for approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • Delivery Services
    Wimborne Turf offers delivery services from Sturminster Marshall in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. We deliver regularly to Bournemouth, Poole, St Leonards, Milford on Sea, Dorchester, Swanage, Yeovil, Salisbury and surrounding towns and villages. Deliveries are made Monday – Friday. Most deliveries are made between 10 am and 4 pm. Please note that turf MUST be laid on the same day as delivery – it’s highly perishable and will die if it’s left rolled up for too long. We will offload your turf or topsoil for you and place it as close as possible to your property. Please note though that we cannot carry products to the rear of the property for you, nor can we lift pallets of turf over your garden wall or hedge. Please let us know well in advance if there may be problems with access to the delivery address so that we can make special arrangements. We pride ourselves on the quality of our turf and service and don’t anticipate any problems with either. Nevertheless please check the goods as soon as they arrive and let us know within 6 hours of delivery if you are at all unhappy with them. (Delivery prices are inclusive of VAT).
  • Supply & Lay Service
    Wimborne Turf offers a complete turf "supply and lay" services. We take the stress out of creating your new lawn by: Measuring and assessing the site – FOR FREE. Giving you a complete no-hidden-costs quote. Arranging a time to do the work.* Preparing the soil for turfing by rotovating, levelling, raking and fertilising. Bringing in new topsoil if needed. Having the right equipment and an experienced team speeds up the work Delivering freshly cut turf, unloading it and carrying it to where the lawn will be. Then laying it in double quick time. We work to a very high standard – check out our testimonials to see what other people say. Giving your new lawn its first watering and offering advice on how to care for your newly laid turf. Why not give us a call? Our professional turf "supply and lay" service probably costs less than you think. It costs nothing to get a quote and you absolutely won’t be pressured into going ahead with the work. *It’s important to lay turf when the weather is right and the soil can be prepared properly. Sometimes we may need to postpone work because the soil is too wet or extreme weather conditions, for turfing. We would rather reorganise than do a poor job.
  • Watering Turf
    Newly laid turf must be watered immediately upon installation. Check that the water has seeped through into the soil below. (Turn up a corner to check). Watering must be repeated until the turf has established. Weather conditions will dictate the frequency of watering. Ensure that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy weather. If laid during a hot dry period, water at least twice a day. If there are any signs of the turf drying out – WATER IMMEDIATELY!
  • Mowing Your New Lawn
    Wimborne Turf recommend that you do not mow your new turf until it has rooted. This can be easily checked by lifting up a corner of the turf to see if the roots are attached to the soil. Your lawn mower should be set to the highest setting – it is important that the lawn is not scalped during early mowing. Your first cut should be approximately 3mm. Mow your lawn regularly.

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